10 Reasons why you should consider launching a NEXT Masternode

3 min readFeb 18, 2021


Here are 10 reasons why launching a NEXT Masternode is a good idea.

Masternodes are the PoS layer of the NEXT.chain. Primary requirements to operate a masternode include 25,000 NEXT, a server with 24/7 uptime (we can help with this).

In general, transaction speeds and security are one of the most prominent features offered by any modern Blockchain. (Retail) users have grown accustomed to fast transactions. With the power of the NEXT.chain Masternode network anyone can transfer NEXT easily, securely, instantly on a global scale.

Reason one: Running a Masternode provides a guaranteed and consistent way of earning extra NEXT, which can increase in value as our ecosystem and businesses grow.

Reason two: the passive and stable asset stream achieved from running a Masternode to support a Blockchain network is an excellent way to diversify a financial portfolio and become a part of a new financial movement.

Reason three: there is no lock-up period for a Masternode, meaning you can disable your NEXT Masternode and leave the NEXT.chain network at any time. However, keep in mind that dedicated nodes that support NEXT.chain over a prolonged period of time receive better rewards. We think it’s fair to reward loyalty and dedication to the network. Seniority is based on collateral transaction block height. Your seniority will not be affected if your node gets disconnected briefly. However, if you move or withdraw the 25,000 NEXT used as collateral, you will lose seniority.

Reason four: supporting a network shortly after its birth is more cost-efficient than jumping in later on and requires a smaller initial cost. This is due to the network’s size and the circulating supply of NEXT. The more Masternodes there are in our network, the lower the circulating supply at any given point in time. With high demand, at a low supply, the cost per NEXT rises, and consequently the cost of one Masternode.

Reason five: being a NEXT Masternode operator grants you access to future voting rights through a Masternode voting portal (to be built) and partial governance over the development direction of NEXT.chain. You’re a supporter and you have power.

Reason six: running a Masternode is a large contribution to the growth, security, and mass appeal of a network and the entire NEXT ecosystem. You receive a financial kickback for devoting your resources towards building a decentralized ecosystem together with our community. You are key for an intermediary free environment, near-instant transactions, financial privacy, and the advance of a bustling digital economy.

Reason seven: our blockchain operates using a hybrid consensus mechanism largely based on the SHA256 cryptographic hash function (the same as Bitcoin). NEXT.chain supports both Masternodes and mining. Thus, our chain utilizes PoS and PoW principles to create a network that promises pretty powerful security without having to compromise in speed. Our chain is here to stay, our Masternodes are future proof.

Reason eight: There is a finite total amount of NEXT that will ever be available in the market. A total amount of 30.3M NEXT will come into existence by 2034. Thus, the quantity of available Masternodes is limited.

Reason nine: Holding a NEXT Masternode is more valuable and reliable than 90% of the Masternodes out in the market today. Why? Because NEXT has utility, a direct purpose, function, and active user-base. Read more about that utility here.

Reason ten: Being part of a growing industry and decentralized network is a wonderful thing. Hosting a Masternode provides you with the opportunity to jump right into the industry and make a lasting impact while drawing significant knowledge and building a great understanding of the underlying tech. This space is powered by the people and is meaningless without communities and supporters. Being so close to the tech and other like-minded individuals opens up the opportunity to create a lasting impact and act as a first mover.

NEXT for your Masternode may be purchased on P2PB2B and directly from the team.




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