Today we achive the milestone of the generation of block 1000000 (1M) on NEXT.chain. It has a long journey and I think it’s also a good moment to tell our story so far.

We know communications have been quiet for a while, but we want to assure all of you in the community that it wasn’t for nothing.

In our short absence from blogging, we have been working incredibly hard in the background to get everything up and running. We have been rapidly growing our knowledge and looking forward to the future and how we can best benefit those that…

Dear esteemed community,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone for the confidence you have reposed in our organization. Before now, we were cash-strapped, but not anymore. Now that there are enough funds available, we will continue on our planned path to launch, NEXT.chain and PayAccept. Moving forward, we have created a developer roadmap so that you can see what the future holds for us. To bring you up to speed with what the team has done so far, we have moved to a new office building with enormous growth potentials in the middle of Eindhoven.

The Unicrypt Event

The ILO event on Unicrypt was a resounding success as we have acquired 941.255 ETH, 235% of our planned soft cap. 369,725 ETH were locked as liquidity on Uniswap. The remaining balance was transferred to Kraken under a stop-loss, converting it into a stablecoin to protect it from market fluctuations and finance product development, marketing, and exchange listing.

This will allow us to develop the complete ecosystem at full speed and apply for a leading exchange listing.

Currently, NEXT is traded on P2PB2B under (NEXT coin against BTC) and on Uniswap under (NEXT token against ETH).

Read more…

During the ILO and the following days, we have received thousands of messages. Some of them were from concerned investors, who asked us to comment on the below-mentioned topics. As we are committed to transparency and open communication, please find our explanations below.

1. Moving ILO funds to Kraken exchange

As we communicated on our Twitter and Telegram News channel, 40% of the funds were locked up on Uniswap as liquidity, ca. 10% paid for marketing and fees for the facilitation. The remaining were moved from Metamask to Kraken exchange. Some investors feared that this transfer was made to convert…

Attention NEXT Enthusiasts

Do you have a passion for NEXT.chain? Are you a skilled and articulate writer who can command an audience? Are you making your own successful investments? Would you like to help others get involved in the future of money and finance?

If you answered yes to all of the above, Next.chain could have an incredibly exciting opportunity for you. Right now, one of the biggest challenges companies who want to work with blockchain technology are facing, is finding the right people to do the job. Fortunately, we love challenges and we love recruiting!

We are seeking skilled content creators and…

What’s NEXT.chain? and why should you care!

NEXT.chain is a new platform that offers decentralized blockchain with many additional perks. Under the one umbrella of NEXT, you will find asset creation features (with which you can issue custom cryptocurrency), decentralized exchange like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, launchpad (to raise funds) and centralized exchange with FIAT support.

Whenever you came across a cryptocurrency discussion in the past, you were probably thinking, “those aren’t for regular people; only the tech savvy can use them!” But with NEXT, that’s no longer the case.

Creating a new cryptocurrency has never been easier, it’s literally a…

NEXT is a platform with its own decentralized blockchain and a myriad of exciting features that makes this project unique. You can use our blockchain for transactions, to create assets, raise funds for crypto projects (Launchpad), trade on NEXT Dex (NextSwap), or use Next Centralized exchange, with its FIAT gateway, all under one roof!

In short, NEXT offers everything from shoes to hats to fit your tastes. In order for those services to run on a chain, they require masternodes.

They approve data to prevent it being infringed or changed. Masternodes on NEXT.chain, effectively act the same way as miners…

Dear holders of NEXT

Last Wednesday we released the manual bridge from NEXT to the Ethereum blockchain and noticed that there is no interest at all from tokenholders to bridge over. Since the bridge is 1:1, it means there needs to be tokens equal to coins. Another issue is that there is no liquidity on p2pb2b, which makes it equally uninteresting for tokenholders to move over.

To create a suitable solution, we created a middle way. We give coinholders priority to move over their coins to Binance smart chain, later on, all tokenholders can swap. …

Milestone: Launch of the NEXT.chain platform

Last Wednesday, we launched the NEXT.chain platform. This makes it possible for everyone to create their own token (digital asset) on our super-fast chain with the click of a button. This is also the start of building an increase in value where NEXT, as a coin, is of increasing worth. NEXT will serve (just like ETH on the Ethereum blockchain) as the main pair for all assets that will be listed.

At the moment, approximately 150 tokens have already been created. The latest tokens created are REKT, DRAC, COCO, HOPA, 3T, RSOL and AFFIN. All these tokens will be tradable…

It has been a while since we blogged on medium. This is largely due to the many developments that have taken place in recent times and multiple organizational developments that have also been made. We will present this in a short blog now with the intention of discussing this in more detail in further individual blogs in the near future., NEXT.chain and Payaccept

These names have appeared together frequently as of late. It will take some getting used to for a newcomer, but both names fall under the same parent organization and all work in the field of blockchain…

NEXT.chain is, since April 2019, a running main-net blockchain based on PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Staking) technology. From that time, we expand to over 200 masternodes which are staking NEXT. Today around 9M NEXT is in circulation, while there is still 12,3M left to mine and stake.

Since the beginning, the team holds more than half of the circulating supply and keeps them in reserve for a later moment. This moment has come since we first develop the ecosystem, and after that, we are scaling up to move from a development company to a professional fintech…


Blockchain with lightning transactions and low-costs. Perfect for DeFi applications. Build on bitcoin-core with tokenization and smart-contract support.

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