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4 min readMay 10, 2021

It has been a while since we blogged on medium. This is largely due to the many developments that have taken place in recent times and multiple organizational developments that have also been made. We will present this in a short blog now with the intention of discussing this in more detail in further individual blogs in the near future., NEXT.chain and Payaccept

These names have appeared together frequently as of late. It will take some getting used to for a newcomer, but both names fall under the same parent organization and all work in the field of blockchain technology. is a decentralized trading platform which was launched last year and already has over 50k registered users. NEXT.chain is a blockchain with significant adjustments to the original bitcoin protocol, allowing faster transactions to take place at lower costs, and PayAccept is the payment service provider that allows e-commerce shops to pay with crypto, offers debit cards and becomes a fiat-crypto gateway for NEXT.

Is NEXT a result of PayAccept?

NEXT and PayAccept are not separate from each other; they work closely together in the field of developments, partnerships and marketing. So, if they are mentioned together in the media like PayAccept and NEXT, then you know why. The only thing that is separate, is the organization. NEXT and PayAccept are sister companies and this is related to the regulations that will apply in the near future.

In addition, we want to maintain the decentralized ‘freedom’ at NEXT, where we can list as many digital assets as possible, while PayAccept must screen everyone with KYC proofs. That also brings us to the following:

PayAccept comes with its own blockchain, why?

PayAccept has thoroughly examined whether next.chain can use the blockchain application for its own payment infrastructure. After all, PayAccept is not a cryptocurrency exchange and has a completely different business approach than PayAccept needs liquidity pools on the blockchain, whereby all validators (the paynodes) must fully comply with KYC verification because they are an important part of the global payment network. This is in contrast with NEXT.chain, which now has 250 decentralized masternodes where the nodes are publicly traded; it is impossible for PayAccept to comply with the established regulations. This does not mean that PayAccept does not use NEXT.chain or vice versa. For both, there are many utilities to using each other’s blockchain. For example, the NEXT.chain offers access to liquidity and for PayAccept, the possibility that assets can be traded.

Using cooperative resources

Because it is almost impossible to maintain effective activities with a small team’s communication and attention divided across 3 sub-brands, we have chosen to jointly share the communication resources. This allows all projects to receive the same amount of attention! This will also be noticeable in the statements that we will be making in the near future and in the posting of the blogs and social media announcements.

Ultimately, it is about all products being launched, so that each party benefits from it. We do note that the budgets for all projects are separated from each other and that it will remain so. But by deploying development and marketing resources that are already present within the organization, we save a lot of costs that can result in marketing or expansion of staff, for example.

Further growth

In recent weeks, our team has been further expanded with the following people:

Olga — marketing and communication specialist
David — blog and content writer
Gary — visual and graphic illustrator
Owaka — Go blockchain developer
Chris — telegram moderator

Partnership with a stock listed company

PayAccept announced its partnership with NSE last week, which was a result of many talks between both companies. Since New Sources Energy N.V. is a public and listed company on the Amsterdam’s ‘Wall Street’, a lot of hurdles has been taken to collaborate and to carry out the energy transition together, whereby we are accommodating the ‘grid’ on the blockchain. Think of meter readings, but also the energy generation and consumption, which can then be traded on ……… (we’ll leave the dots open for a while). We expect to be able to bring more news about the effects of this further collaboration soon.

What’s NEXT

On Wednesday 12 May 2021, we are launching the NEXT.chain platform. The launch may have taken a little longer than expected, but it is difficult to estimate how long these things will take with the ongoing developments to consider and factor in. What we do know, is that it has to be good and it also has to form the basis for further growth. The launch of the platform is the ‘showpiece’ and offers everyone the possibility to create, claim and send assets, including a web-based wallet from NEXT and also PAY (the native coin) in the foreseeable future. Work is still underway on the bridge, if we cannot release it on Wednesday, we will open a form so you will be able to manually bridge between NEXT and Ethereum. The details will be published on Wednesday.

Within a short period of time after launch, we will be onboarding new assets and scaling up marketing with a referral platform.

Finally, now that we have a communication specialist in our midst, we will publish several blogs at least every month, where the CEO provides an insight into the organizational developments and his vision and a developer’s blog, where the developments are communicated. With this we give a sharp shot of improvements that we can use to embark on further professionalization.

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For more information or if you would like to stay informed, join us on the combined group channel on telegram via




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