NEXT is a multi-chain token

Next.coin is the native currency of NEXT.chain, like ETH, is for the Ethereum blockchain. NEXT.token is the ‘wrapped’ version (like wrapped BTC), which will initially launch on the Ethereum network. The token gives us the ability to list on Uniswap and Binance Smart Chain.

Different trading experience. Today, Uniswap is widespread; with our bridge, we can swap NEXT to an ERC20 or BSC token to make it available on Uniswap and later on PancakeSwap. Staking is only possible by becoming a Masternode holder by converting the NEXT token into NEXT on the NEXT.chain.

The total supply of coins and tokens will always be in a 1:1 swap ratio and cannot be double-spent. The bridge (read more below) is acting like an arbitrage bridge and pools the NEXT. Changing NEXT from one to another blockchain requires the same amount on both sides. For example, if anyone has 1000 NEXT on NEXT.chain and wants to swap 1000 NEXT (ERC20), the same amount needs to switch from NEXT (ERC20) to NEXT on NEXT.chain.

NEXT (ERC20) and NEXT (NEXT.chain)

What are the benefits of having a token and a native cryptocurrency.

When NEXT (ERC20):

  • trading on Uniswap
  • trade NEXT against ETH
  • store NEXT in a digital wallet like Trustwallet
  • use NEXT in the entire Ethereum ecosystem
  • liquidity farming

When NEXT (Binance Smart Chain):

  • trading on PancakeSwap or Julswap
  • trade NEXT against BNB
  • use NEXT in the entire Binance Smart Chain ecosystem
  • liquidity farming

When NEXT (NEXT.chain):

  • trading on and P2PB2B (more CEX’s will be added)
  • leading cryptocurrency pair for digital asset swaps
  • staking by becoming a masternode holder (25k NEXT)
  • get access to the launchpad for early investment opportunities
  • priority access to trade newly listed assets
  • access to fiat functionality
  • vote on the future of NEXT
  • asset creation on NEXT.chain
  • enjoy high-speed swapping/trading at low costs.


The NEXT Bridge works for all ERC20/BSC tokens!! As we grow, more and more tokens will take advantage of the ability to cross over to the Next.chain to utilise the speed and reduced fees, and cross back again at will, without the need to leave or migrate their current blockchain. This creates added value for all tokens to enable a whole new decentralized economy, without high fees and with lightning-fast transactions on a very powerful blockchain. We are ready!

What it means for NEXT holders. With the bridge they can swap the NEXT token 1:1 to another blockchain (Ethereum, NEXT.chain, Binance Smart Chain and a lot more will follow). The bridge will arbitrage between the chains in a way that the circulating supply will be always the same no matter to which chain NEXT has been moved. The same is for the total supply (spread on all these chains) it will never exceed the total of 30.3M NEXT.

There is only one NEXT token! Please don’t let yourself scammed by fake tokens or people that send you private messages to buy it from them.
Always check the smart contract address which is:




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