Milestone: Launch of the NEXT.chain platform

Last Wednesday, we launched the NEXT.chain platform. This makes it possible for everyone to create their own token (digital asset) on our super-fast chain with the click of a button. This is also the start of building an increase in value where NEXT, as a coin, is of increasing worth. NEXT will serve (just like ETH on the Ethereum blockchain) as the main pair for all assets that will be listed.

Manual bridge + addition feature

Since Wednesday, we are also able to offer the opportunity for all coinholders to bridge to the ERC20 tokens as soon as there are tokenholders who want to transition to that coin. There is limited interest in this at the moment but we are confident that will change with time. In our efforts to improve the possibilities, we offer all coinholders the opportunity to convert all coins to Binance Smart Chain. In order to increase the liquidity there, an IDO will take place where 80% will be locked to PanCakeSwap and 20% for marketing and competitions. With this, we also offer a good time for the coinholders to generate returns. The interest can be indicated via the same form on by clicking on the request manual swap button.

Marketing and competitions

We waited until the platform was launched by design, this was no coincidence. After all, it is much easier to market a product if it is actually there and not simply an idea or concept, especially within the crypto community where there are many whitepapers that say all the right things but don’t deliver products. At the moment we intend to start the following marketing:

What’s NEXT

Now the platform has launched, we will continue to build further and improve the current components alongside all our other ongoing developments. You can expect the following updates which are planned:

Blockchain with lightning transactions and low-costs. Perfect for DeFi applications. Build on bitcoin-core with tokenization and smart-contract support.