Our story so far!

3 min readMay 9, 2021


Today we achive the milestone of the generation of block 1000000 (1M) on NEXT.chain. It has a long journey and I think it’s also a good moment to tell our story so far.

We know communications have been quiet for a while, but we want to assure all of you in the community that it wasn’t for nothing.

In our short absence from blogging, we have been working incredibly hard in the background to get everything up and running. We have been rapidly growing our knowledge and looking forward to the future and how we can best benefit those that have been on our journey with us from the beginning. A lot of positive things have happened in the 3 years since our early investors joined us and the rewards are on their way!

Before we continue it is important that we remember that NEXT is far more than a simple exchange. We have constructed our own native blockchain (NEXT.chain) that is secured with over 200 masternodes capable of creating digital assets with super-fast and super-low-cost transactions.

NEXT chain is next generation, and offers unique features that are not available through any other channels. If you experience the slow blockchains as a NEXT.exchange user, the transition to NEXT.chain will be one to wait for, where transactions will be smooth, simple and cheap.

The necessity of the creation of NEXT.chain arose from technical challenges surrounding transactional issues within NEXT.exchange. High cost and slow speeds were not up to our expected standards and as soon as we recognised these shortcomings, we immediately set about the task of developing the NEXT.chain. As with all new businesses on the frontline of technological and financial advancements, there is a degree of adaptation and modification required to navigate previously unexplored territory. We aim to make the experience for investors old and new (especially those that have been with us since the beginning) as profitable and painless as possible.

The NEXT.chain is now the epicentre of the ecosystem we are bringing into the market, buoyed by a new team of developers and marketers who are leaders of their respective fields and are capable of helping us to realise our goals. We will share more insight into the roles and activities of our developers in future blogs.

We released a successful IDO for the further developments for NEXT.chain in order to keep this project firmly on track and in line with our aims and goals and are now developing a web-based frontend and mobile application that includes digital assets within a click.

Most excitingly, this platform will be launched on Wednesday and will provide the catalyst to our billion-dollar project aspirations!

In order for us to achieve this success we need to merge NEXT.exchange and NEXT.chain into a fully functional and complete ecosystem. We recognise that we have investors that invest solely in the exchange and others than invest exclusively in the IDO. By amalgamating NEXT.exchange on top of the NEXT.chain, the goals can be realised. Both domains will exist on a shared platform with NEXT.chain on top and functions below it.

This change of strategy will benefit the whole community and we have a robust plan to ensure this is successful. It is our intention to first launch with assets, so our investors can create them and transfer them. Secondly. We will launch the swap where everyone can trade their newly created assets against fiat, bitcoin, ethereum and many other wrapped assets.

In our shared vision, the growing community here is our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to making this business venture a success for everyone involved.

Yours sincerely,

Chris van Steenbergen
Founder of NEXT.exchange and NEXT.chain




Blockchain with lightning transactions and low-costs. Perfect for DeFi applications. Build on bitcoin-core with tokenization and smart-contract support.